Flagship of US 6th Fleet entered the Black Sea

The flagship of the US 6th Fleet USS Mount Whitney passed the Bosphorus Strait and entered the Black Sea.

11 October 2016 15:57

“The European Pravda” Internet publication reported the details of the maneuvers with reference to the Twitter users who posted photos of the flagship in Istanbul.

“In summer, USS Mount Whitney participated in BALTOPS 2016 exercises aimed to increase the level of interaction between the allies and show their determination to protect the Baltic Sea region,” a Twitter user posted.

In recent months, the ship has also entered the Polish and Lithuanian ports.

The flagship is stationed in the Italian port of Gaeta, and is included in the Sixth US Naval Fleet with headquarters in Naples (Italy).

It is worth noting that this is not the first time USS Mount Whitney enters the Black Sea.  

In 2008, during the Georgian-Russian war, the flagship was the first US ship headed to Georgia. However, it put in the Georgian port of Poti after the end of active hostilities.

In February 2014, the frigate entered the Black Sea "in the framework of the standard military planning to ensure security during the Olympic Games in Sochi."

PHOTO: Twitter