Finland ought to strengthen its military defense due to the tension between Russia and the West countries, as well as the growing Russian armament, stated Timo Soini, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland at the conference, attended by the Finnish ambassadors, reports Tsenzor.NET citing EP and the Yle TV companies.

"It ought to be treated not as the militarization directed against Russia, but as a mandatory rise of defense capability," said Soini.

According to the Minister, Finland will go on with participation in international crisis management operations, despite the need to reduce the state budget. He also said that human rights situation in Russia, as well as the increasing armament of the Russian Federation, are rather disturbing and sad.

Soini stressed the need to "maintain good relations with Russia," however, he said, "In this matter Finland will act in accordance with the lines and restrictions established by the European Union." Earlier on, it was reported that Finland would triple the number of reservists to be trained.