(QHA) -

The fates of up to six Ukrainian military officers remain unknown following the takeover of Crimean bases by Russian forces, RFE/RL reports. 

The commander of a Ukrainian air base in Crimea, Colonel Yuliy Mamchur, was captured on March 22 after Russian forces stormed the Belbek air base.

Mamchur's wife, Larisa, told our Ukrainian Service that she has had no communication with her husband but believes he remains under arrest. Mamchur's aides believe he is being held in the Russian Black Sea Fleet's home port of Sevastopol in Crimea.

Yesterday, Russian forces stormed a Ukrainian military base in Feodosia and captured the commander of a marine battalion, Dmytro Delyatytskyy, and his deputy, Rostislav Lomtev.

The New York-based watchdog Human Rights Watch (HRW) says three other Ukrainian military officers and three activists also remain missing in Crimea.