Noting Crimea is a jumping point, through which Russia can threaten Anatolia, Turkish straits and Istanbul, Inalcik said "Crimea is a central location to threaten Turkey. Today Sevastopol is under Russian control, though it is a part of Ukraine. This poses a threat against Turkey, Turkish straits and Istanbul".

He stated that Turkey must continue its cooperation with Western countries and international organizations such as NATO in order to avoid it.

Noting 60% of the total population in Crimea is ethnically Russian, Inalcik said "Crimea was Russified with the intent of threatening Turkey. We must be aware of this fact. Unfortunately Crimean Turks who had managed to return from the exile constitute much less portion of the population. We must be aware that Crimea was Russified for taking away our homeland by force and creating a threat against Turkey. Today Putin brings his army to Crimea and says "Crimea is Russian, it is our subject". This is the whole point.

Neo-Eurasianism Is Dangerous For Turkey

Inalcik underlined that Russia's current objective is to take control of Crimea, which he calls "Neo-Eurasianism".

"Putin hypothesize establising a new Tsar Empire" says Inalcik, "Present Russian policy is based on Eurasianism. This was softened in language as "Neo-Eurasianism. Russia considers resurrecting a culturally Russian-leaning region from Poland to Middle Asia, which lasted for centuries in history. Eurasianism, sugggesting 'We are all brothers and Russia protects you in Europe and Asia by expanding our culture' ended by the Gorbachev's period. Nations like Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Ukraine became independent. Putin makes efforts for reviving Russian control over these territories subduing these nations again. Possible outcomes of Neo-Eurasianism is dangerous for Turkey. Putin's deployment of soldiers to Crimea is for reviving the Tsarist Russia.

Halil Inalcik, World-wide known Turkish historian originally from Crimea, is ranked among world's top 2 thousand scholars of social sciences by Cambridge International Biographical Center.