The event was organized by Gennady Druzenko, head of the Constitutional Convention board and one of the organizers of ‘We are Constitution’ action, which was held in parallel with the Svoboda party rally on August, 31 outside the Verkhovna Rada, and Victoria Podgornaya, Cand. Sc., political scientist , director of the International Center for Strategic Policy.

Experts tried to answer the question worrying all conscious citizens of our country: how to carry out a constitutional reform for it not to lead to new Maidan, or even a civil war? They condemned the bloody terrorist attack that had place on the last day of summer, but noted that this tragedy was a direct consequence of the lack of public legitimacy in the authorities’ actions.

- Instead of explaining and reasoning its actions, the government decided to ‘push’ a necessary bill. As a result, the temperature in society has risen so high that a man, who defended the independence of Ukraine in the east, threw a grenade in those who defended the same Ukraine in ‘a nearby trench,’ said Gennady Duzenko.

The organizers of the press conference expressed their opinion on how all parties to the conflict ought to act now in order for constitutional amendments to be held in accordance with the views of all parties, not triggering even greater turmoil in Ukraine.

- After the events outside the Verkhovna Rada, the only way for constitutional amendments to become legitimate is to put them for national consideration via plebiscite, says Victoria Podgornaya.

And, indeed, this decision would remove a lot of questions on the status of so-called prefects in terms of changes on authorities’ decentralization, as well as a scandalous Sect.18 of the transitional provisions of the Constitution on the special order of the local government in some Donetsk and Lugansk regions. The only question is – how long will it take to prepare and hold such a referendum? Maybe that is why the supporters of the current constitutional reform hurry to ‘push’ it quickly, without taking into account the views of the whole society and not predicting (or vice versa predicting) the consequences this reform may trigger.

Vasily Vishnevetskii