Despite the sanctions imposed by the West due to the Russia’s annexation of the Crimea, some European companies keep trading with the peninsula.

In particular, the OCCRP research indicates that over the past two years the Crimean ports were entered by 24 merchant ships flying the flags of the EU member states, 43 vessels with EU registration, and 22 owned either by some European companies or citizens of the European countries.

The released document also reports that the Crimean ports were entered by ships from Lebanon, Turkey and other countries that supported the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

At the same time following the annexation of the peninsula the Ukrainian authorities have not given any permission allowing foreign ships to enter the Crimean ports.

As an example OCCRP mentions the case with the "Syudkep" ship owned by a German company Krey Schiffahrts GmbH. The ship entered the port in the city of Kerch in late July, 2014. Executive Director of Krey Schiffahrts GmbH, Daniel Grenzemann refused to give OCCRP any comment on the situation, but said that the company had serious problems because of the visit to the Crimea.

Western countries have imposed sanctions against the Crimea in June 2014 following the Russian annexation. Since then, the sanctions are constantly extended. The sanctions prohibit any investments in the economy of the peninsula, as well as import of the Crimean products and export of the range of services and technologies.

Photo: Internet