A mission on human rights protection, sent by Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjorn Jagland, has arrived in Crimea. According to Jagland, the visit will be held in conditions of complete independence.

Secretary General Thorbjorn Yangland wrote on Twitter their primary objective is to check the observance of human rights in occupied peninsula:

- The mission to Crimea will help us to obtain objective information on human rights and make sure people are not forgotten there.

Basing on the results of the mission, which is to start its work on Monday, Jan 25, a report with recommendations will be submitted to the CoE Secretary General.

The mission's mandate covers all main provisions on human rights, including freedom of the press, associations and assemblies, minority rights, local governance, fight against corruption and prison conditions.

- The mission to Crimea, which I have sent today, will work independently, and won’t address the issues concerning the territorial status of Crimea, wrote Thorbjorn Yangland.