Community services of Kyiv are removing from tents and barricades at Kyiv’s Independence Square,-- the site of Euromaidan protests that began in November 2013, progressing to violent clashes, fires, and the 2014 Ukrainian revolution. Bulldozers and trucks are being gathered at the square.

According to QHA correspondent, public order is provided by military and police. There are no people at the square and the scene. Unknown people burned down several at the building of burnt House of Trade Unions, still community services are continuing their work.

Kyiv’s central Khreshchatyk Street is also being cleared.

Some activists called on to remain unprovoked and not let to clear the Maidan.

Late in May, Kiev mayor Vitaly Klitschko asked protesters on the Independence Square, or Maidan, to remove the barricades as the Maidan had achieved its goals, and Kiev should go back to normal life, he said. In July, the mayor proposed the activists still on the square to free Khreshchatyk’s road and move to a health retreat in Kiev’s suburbs. At the same time, the mayor opposed violent removal of tents from the square.