According to Tombinsky, the fact that the personal data of journalists is available on the Peacemaker website is a gross violation of international laws, and more specifically, the Ukrainian ones, reports Evropeiskaya Pravda.

“I am concerned about reports that some Ukrainian websites have published personal data of journalists accredited in the so-called DPR and LPR,” said the Ambassador.

He added that actions like these put the lives of journalists in jeopardy.

“I urge the Ukrainian authorities to ensure that this content becomes unavailable,” said Tombinsky.

It was reported earlier that the Peacemaker website, which publishes data on individuals cooperating with the DPR and LPR, recently released names of 4,5 thousand Ukrainian and international journalists. It is claimed in the statement published on the website that individuals present on the list ‘cooperate with DPR AND LPR militants."

The Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office on Wednesday announced that it had opened an investigation into the publication of the journalists' names and contact information under article 171.1 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code, which covers ‘obstruction to journalism’, reported the press-service of the Prosecutor General's Office. The Prosecutor General's Office also confirmed that some reporters began to receive threatening messages and calls after their personal data was released.