(QHA) -

The Russian Foreign Ministry has issued a statement criticizing the EU for its fresh expansion of sanctions against 13 individuals and 2 Crimean companies.

"By continuing its faulty, anti-Russian sanctions logic, the European Union undermines trust in itself as a partner and casts doubt on its claim to an objective role in supporting a resolution of Ukraine's internal conflict"- reads the statement.

"It's time for Brussels to stop seeing the substantial part of the Ukrainian people who do not accept the Kiev authorities as 'Russian separatists' and understand that it will be impossible to resolve the conflict without acknowledging its internal nature"- it adds.

"It behoves [sic] the EU to respect the results of the referendums by residents of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions and support the realisation of the will of the people through dialogue between representatives of Kiev and southeastern Ukraine."

The EU’s expanded sanctions target 13 more individuals as well as two Crimea-based companies.

That brings to 61 the number of individuals from Russia, eastern Ukraine, and Crimea who face EU travel bans and asset freezes.