“The EU is ready to provide Ukraine with funds for decentralization,” Johannes Han, the EU Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy & Enlargement, is quoted as saying at a meeting with Gennadiy Zubko, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine for Regional Development, Construction and Public Utilities Sector.

The EU is prepared to provide EUR 90 million meant to be spent for decentralization projects.

Johannes Han believes that projects like these will help make cooperation between Ukrainian and EU experts more effective.

According to Gennadiy Zubko, the Ukrainian government is planning to set up 40 subregional groups tasked with supporting the Reform Offices in order to get the program underway.

“Groups like these will be rendering technical aid by providing training to the local authorities at all levels, as well as ensuring that newly elected MPs and government employees are trained to act within their new powers”, said the Vice Prime Minister.

The funds provided by the EU will also go towards bolstering the Regional Development Fund. Ukraine is interested in getting expert advice from the EU in putting the new legislation in sync with the government’s regional policy.