(QHA) -

The European Union member states are ready to abolish visas for citizens of Ukraine within the EU-Ukraine action plan on visa liberalization.

Head of the political section of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Hannes Schreiber has said this at a press conference in Ukrinform.

"The atmosphere [among EU member states] is now such that, if the conditions are satisfied, then let's advance as soon as possible. In general, the member states are very positive about the provision of visa freedom. It is important to use that and it is also important to meet the criteria," Schreiber said.

At the same time, he noted that the EU interior ministries would make the final decision on visa liberalization with Ukraine.

"It's important that they do not take the political issues into account. It is not an issue of politics. It is an issue of internal security," Schreiber emphasized.

He noted that the issue of visa liberalization also related to the fight against organized crime, anti-corruption policies, migration policy and security risks.