LEBANON (QHA) -  Governments
of the European Union countries made a decision to declare the military wing of
radical Shiite organization Hezbollah (Lebanon) a terrorist organization,
reports Lenta.ru with reference to Reuters. 

to the agency’s sources in diplomatic circles, the organization will soon be
added into a special terrorism blacklist, after that appropriate sanctions will be
applied in respect to this organization. 

with its long-term political and economic interests in Lebanon, has long
opposed such a decision, not willing to push out Hezbollah outside the legal

situation has changed significantly since the last year’s terrorist attack in
Bulgaria, when Sofia blamed Lebanese radicals in the organization of the
attack.  Despite the objections of
Hezbollah, most of the experts supported the point that this organization was
engaged in carrying out terrorist attacks in the EU. 

attitude towards the issue of Hezollah’s status began changing after
participation of Lebanese militants in fightings in Syria, where they openly
took a side of Bashar al-Assad’s regime. 
Paris, with its support for the rebels, was very annoyed with obvious
interference of Lebanese Shiites into Syrian affairs. 

of Hezbollah a terrorist organization would mean freezing its accounts in
European banks, a travel ban for its members to EU countries and also possible
arrest of its leaders, if found in Europe. 

Previously Hezbollah was declared a terrorist
organization in the United States and Israel. 
Besides, sanctions against it were imposed by rich Arab countries of
Persian Gulf, who consider Lebanese Shiites agents of Teheran.