Turkish President Rejep Erdogan issued a written statement in response to a terror attack in downtown Ankara. In it, he vowed a firm response to terrorists both in and out of Turkey, BBC reports.

“Terror attacks like these aim to break the unity and equality of our nation. However, their perpetrators achieve the exact opposite effect because they bring us all closer together in the fight against forces of evil.  Turkey has a legitimate right to defend itself and it is non-negotiable. And we will exercise it whenever and wherever we feel it necessary,” reads the statement.

According to the Turkish President, fresh terror attacks ‘make the glass of patience overflow’ and Turkey will defend itself by any means possible from now on.

Erdogan went on to say that it is impossible to scare the Turkish people with terror attacks.

“Each hero’s life sacrificed for the freedom and independence of his country is a testimony to the fact that Turkey is one and undivided and also that our flag will never be lowered,” Erdogan said.