During a meeting with the Turkish police due to the 171st Founding Anniversary, Erdogan was reminded of the EU promises given about the Syrian refugees:

- There are only promises and no progress. But we need actions. Wherever we go, we see that this humanitarian assistance is approved.

According to the President, unlike Turkey, other countries do not show such a humane stance:

- Europe and the world media only talk about thousands of their own victims who lost their lives at the hands of terrorist organizations such as the ISIL. They talk about Brussels and Paris. But what about Istanbul, Ankara and Lahore? It is also important. The European leaders have started seeking solutions to the migration crisis only when it crept close to their doorstep.

Touching upon the EU-Turkey Agreement on Migration, Erdogan stressed the problem is getting worse:

- All those who were sent to us came back to us. Our nation is concerned over stereotyped statements saying that Turkey once again has become a buffer zone. The readmission agreement allows the unconditional return, but distorts the truth at the same time. There is nothing like this. Readmission may be implemented only with the consent of the country concerned.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan sharply slammed the EU's inaction over "one on one" formula provided under the Agreement:

- The Agreement on readmission has certain provisions and they must be implemented. If the EU does not take any steps and does not fulfill its obligations, Turkey will abandon the Agreements. Everything should be under the Agreement. Otherwise, I won’t approve it. But currently I just feel frustration over attempts to distort the issue. Turkey is tackling the problem with dignity and the world will get another lesson in humanity.

This year the EU and Turkey have reached the Agreement providing "one-in, one-out" formula, i.e. resettlement of the Syrian refugees, brought to Turkey from the Greek islands, in the European Union. So far, only three countries have taken in the refugees - Germany, the Netherlands and Finland.

Photo: Internet