The US Defense Department officially informed that the Turkish Armed Forces and the moderate Syrian opposition forces conducted a joint operation to regain control over the gap in the Syrian-Turkish border.

“Turkish and moderate Syrian opposition forces last night closed northern Syria’s Jarabulus gap in a significant development in the counter- Islamic State of Iraq and The Levant campaign by cutting off ISIL access to a route between Manbij and Jarabulus,” the Defense Department Press Operations Director Navy Capt. Jeff Davis said.

Reportedly, these security measures cut off the access to the main terrorists’ route, and now they will not be able to get into Manbij to the Syrian-Turkish border in Jarabulus distrit. And this is a significant breakthrough in the military campaign against the "Islamic state."

 “As of this moment, [ISIL] no longer controls any territory along the border,” Davis said.

Notably, the uncontrolled gap of the Syrian-Turkish border was 12 kilometers. The ISIL terrorists used it transport the foreign fighters to Syria and Iraq. The elimination of the gap will allow to control this problem area.

Photo: Internet