An emergency state declared in Crimea due to a power outage will be in place until 2016, TASS reports citing Sergey Aksyonov, the so-called Head of the Crimean government.

“I think the emergency state will be in place until New Year, i.e. until things get back to normal,” said Aksyonov.

Aksyonov expects the situation with power supplies to improve after the first stage of the so-called ‘power bridge’, which is now under construction in the Krasnodar region, is commissioned.

“We expect an output of at least 260 mW once the first stage is commissioned. We already know how the power will get distributed between consumers, with residential houses getting top priority,” said Aksyonov.

Aksyonov went on to say that the first stage of the ‘power bridge’ will only be capable of supplying Crimea with half of the electricity it needs.