YALTA (QHA) - Elections for the Yalta mayor were grossly rigged during the last four hours of the poll. The Crimean branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine (CB CVU) came to such conclusion when they summed up their monitoring for re-election of the Yalta mayor.
According to the head of the CB CVU Andrii Krysko extremely the low voting turnout increased suddenly by 6 p.m., although the election observers did not record the mass turnout of voters. They took notice that in some districts ten times more residents voted than in the previous period of time. It is noteworthy that this surge of activity was attended by withdrawal of journalists and observers, issue ballots to citizens to enable them to vote instead of other individuals as well as entry into the list of voters by members of the election committees.
“All of this was qualified as the indication of one systemic falsification: the stuffing with sham voting bulletins. The CB CVU observers recorded the thick batches of the bulletins in the ballot boxes of two polling stations in Yalta and Gaspra. At the same time, the commission of one of the polling stations decided to make go out observers from the polling station”, - Mr. A. Krysko informed.
According to the CVU, this abnormal activity of voters was recorded virtually everywhere that indicates about the mass application of this technology.
Serhii Ilash, the candidate of the Regions Party will win these elections in Yalta. The CB CVU comes to this conclusion after their monitoring for the procedure to count votes by the election commission protocols. Thus, the ruling party candidate Serhii Ilash will get more than 40% votes. His nearest opponent Oleksii Yakovenko will obtain 11.6%.