September 5, 2015. The election campaign for local elections scheduled for 25 October, 2015, has started today.

Earlier, Verkhovna Rada adopted the Law ‘On Local Elections’ which stipulates holding the elections under open-list proportional system for the first time in Ukraine.

Moreover, the unified multi-mandate constituency is to be created, which is comprised of single-mandate constituencies according to number of deputes, members of relevant local Rada (council).

During regional, district, town, city elections, only one candidate is to be nominated by local party organization in a single-mandate constituency. So, the full name of candidate and party nominated him/her will be indicated on the ballot paper.

When summarizing election results, the number of votes for each party will be counted in the multi-mandate constituency. The deputy mandates will be distributed among the parties breaking the 5% barrier.

Local elections in rural and village councils will be conducted under majority system for single-member constituencies.

For the first time in Ukraine, the elections will be held in 74 united territorial communities.

According to the new Law, the Communist and National Socialist parties are excluded from elections.

Local elections in temporarily occupied territories of Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk regions are also not scheduled.

“Due to temporary occupation and military aggression of Russia against Ukraine, it is impossible to provide the compliance with the OSCE standards for democratic elections,” stated in the Law.

The elections are also not scheduled in the territory controlled by Ukraine (91 settlements of Donbas region) due to inability to ensure their safety.