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The European Court of Human Rights on July 15 started proceedings in the Ukrainian military pilot Nadia Savchenko's case vs Russia, granting it priority status, Ukrainian defense lawyer Valentyna Telychenko wrote on her page in Facebook.

“The court president also forwarded questions to the Russian government as to how did Nadia Savchenko get into the Russian pre-trial detention center, on what grounds and why has the opportunity to meet with the consul of Ukraine still not been given - Telychenko said. The court also ordered the government of Russia to inform about the conditions of the Ukrainian pilot”- she added.

As reported, Ukrainian officer Nadia Savchenko, who was captured by terrorists, has been in a detention center in Voronezh (Russia) since June 23. She was charged with complicity in the killing of two Russian journalists.

Savchenko was involved in the anti-terrorist operation as a volunteer and was captured by terrorists near the town of Shchastia outside Luhansk on June 18 or 19. Her location was unknown for almost a week.