(QHA) -

European Court of Human Rights has held that Russian Federation must ensure Hayser Jemilev’s right for freedom. Ukrainian Minister of Justice Pavel Petrenko announced this at briefing in Kyiv.

“The decision was made under the 39th rule that obligates to ensure right for freedom to prisoner, who is currently in Crimea”- Petrenko said.

Jemilev has lodged a lawsuit to European Court of Human Rights against Russia amid Moscow had opened criminal investigation against his son, Hayser,  under 3 articles of Russian Criminal code.

Following Crimean unification with Russia, Hayser Jemilev’s case [under part 1 of Article 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine- ‘deliberate murder’,-ed.] was classified under 3 articles of Criminal Code of Russia, such as murder, illegal storage of arms and theft of arms.

According to investigators, Hayser had stolen the weapon (carbine) and 10 cartridges, owned by his father and hid them in his house.

As reported, in May, 32-year old Hayser Jemilev killed a man, presumably as a result of a careless handling of a registered gun belonging to his father. The victim was a 43-year old Fevzi Edemov, who was a close friend of Jemilevs.