Strasbourg (QHA) -  European
court on human rights (ECHR) has obliged Ukraine to pay 27 million Euros of
fine to “Agrocomplex” company to compensate for losses due to preconceived decisions
of national courts, Komersant informs. 

to the case, in the beginning of 90s “Agrocomplex” has supplied 375 thousand
tons of crude oil to Lesichanskiy oil processing plant in Ukraine (at that time
State-owned) for processing, but has received back only a small amount of the
processed product. 

Later, the
State department of oil, gas and oil-processing industry of Ukraine admitted that the
plant failed to fulfill its obligations, as had to supply oil products to local
producers for free due to fuel shortage.  

unsuccessful attempts at national courts, “Agrocomplex” appealed to Strasbourg. 

to “Kommersant-Ukraine”, in 2011 ECHR declared that “Agrocomplex” faced harsh
violation of the rule of law principles and interference of the then-president
Leonid Kuchma to adjudication.  

of 27 million Euro of the present ECHR adjudication became a record.  “Such large payments in cases against Ukraine
have never figured”,- said to “Kommersant” lawyer Valentina Telichenko, who
specializes on cases in Strasbourg. 

to Telichenko, the sides may dispute the Court’s decision during three months,
but when entered into force, the compensation must be paid during two years.  Meanwhile, state budget of Ukraine for 2013 foresees
only 8 million Euros for paying lost by the country court cases.     

It is worth
noting, that former ombudsman of Ukraine Nina Karpachyeva said earlier that
Ukraine doesn’t fulfill 95% of the ECHR decisions.