A strong earthquake struck central Italy. A series of aftershocks damaged the city of Amatrice and killed a few dozen people, reported Ansa.

Half of the city has completely disappeared. People got trapped under the rubble layers, reported the Mayor Sergio Pirozzi Amatrice as cited by Ansa.

According to him, the roads approaching the city are blocked. The Mayor asked for assistance in their unblocking.

A landslide occurred on one of the roads, while another one, which is leading out of the city, runs through a bridge that is about to fall apart. People gather in the sports centers. We have no electricity, Pirozzi said.

Accurate information on the number of victims has not been provided, but Ansa reports 37. The number of victims is likely to grow, as dozens of people are still under the rubble.

About 150 people are reported missing.

Special vehicles have been sent in order to eliminate the aftereffects of the earthquakes.

Photo: Internet