The self-proclaimed Crimean authorities are trying to erase the memories of the Crimean Tatars of a tragic page in their national history - the 1944 deportation, First Deputy Minister on Information Policy Emine Dzheppar told a communication campaign "On May, 18 all of us are Crimean Tatars.”

- Crimean Tatars, as well as Ukrainians, have lived through genocide. This is not about the politics, but the crimes committed by the Soviet totalitarian authorities. Someone says it is an ethnocide, others - genocide, but what is clear is that the occupation authorities decided to "force out" the Crimean Tatars, said Dzheppar.

She went on saying that over the years the totalitarian Soviet regime had prohibited the Crimean Tatars to recall the tragic events of 1944.

- This date is very special for all Crimean Tatars and it is the tragedy that our people are banned to remember this year. They try to erase our memory, destroy the basis of our identity, said the First Deputy Minister on Information Policy.

According to Emine Dzheppar, currently the Russian authorities, as the successor of the Soviet, continue this policy since the Russian aggression is aimed at intimidation of the Crimean Tatar people.