Mustafa Dzhemilev told the QHA newsperson about the Crimean Tatar battalion created in Kherson region.

Tell us what are the main goals and objectives pursued by a military battalion created in Kherson region?

- Primarily, it is a defensive squad. It will not be so strong to start military actions, but it will defend. It has been created to increase the Ukraine’s presence in Kherson region since in general the situation there is not very healthy. And during liberation of Crimea – this battalion, probably, will be the first to enter the Crimea’s territory.

Is it possible that the Crimea Tatar battalion has already planned some military operations to liberate Crimea?

- First and foremost, we believe that the liberation of Crimea won’t be carried out by military means as this path will lead, first of all, to the extermination of the Crimean Tatars.

As Lenur Islyamov, the coordinator of the Crimean civil blockade, reported earlier the Crimean Tatar battalion would join the Ukraine’s Armed Forces.