- Crimea has been turned into a powerful base with, according to various estimates, close to 60 to 80 thousand military – it is not a news. The newest military equipment is constantly delivered in Crimea and the most dangerous thing is that Russia is also restoring a nuclear base  we left after signing the Budapest Memorandum – a nuclear repository outside the city of Yalta ("Kiziltash-13", a secret nuclear weapons assembly and storage facility that existed in Crimea in Soviet times). So far, we cannot say for sure whether they have brought in nuclear weapons or not. In addition, there are "Topols" and "Iskanders" (ed.short-range ballistic missiles, which can carry nuclear weapons). By now Crimea has been turned into a militarized base, and it poses danger not only to Ukraine, but to the whole Black Sea region, Dzhemilev told in an interview.

At the same time, the leader of the Crimean Tatars emphasized it is inappropriate to use military actions to tackle the problem of de-occupation of Crimea.

- We believe a military solution is impossible. Because in case military actions start, the invaders in the first place will exterminate Crimean Tatars, even if the latter won’t show any hostility. Simply - it will be an ethnic cleansing, Dzhemilev explained.