- I have carefully read the ruling to open the case and take me into custody. I will cite some points, "Accused of keeping 10 rifle cartridges." The rifle and ammunition were purchased in 1996. I have a gun license, that's OK, but as it turns out, I don’t have a permit to purchase cartridges, although under Russian and Ukrainian legislations you don’t need a separate permit to acquire cartridges – it is enough to show a weapon purchase permit, Dzhemilev said in an interview.

According to the second charge, Dzhemilev "tried to illegally cross the border."

- I was trying to get back home. They have not given me any sealed document that reads I am prohibited to enter Crimea, on the contrary - immediately after the uproar concerning a ban for my entry to the territory of Crimea, the Russia Today claimed such an order was not issued and Mustafa Dzhemilev thought it up for PR, he is welcome to enter Crimea. Then when I arrived at the border and, more importantly, even did not come to the checkpoint, but was standing on the spot - they had already put more than a thousand armed personnel with carriers, as if I came there to fight them. We got there just by three cars. The result - this charge that smells of some kind of paranoia and idiocy, Dzhemilev explained.