Released from Russian captivity Gennady Afanasiev told how the Russian Federal Security Service officers conducted a search of his apartment, reports.

“I was taken to some building, and ordered to lie on the floor. Then I realized that this is my apartment, because my dog ran up to me. When I was lying on the floor, she jumped around me, glad that I'm home. But I was not happy then. The FSB officers were searching my apartment, looking for something, but found nothing. Only later I learned from my mother, what kind of things they had just stolen from our flat. They took away all the photo equipment and all the valuables. They were not searching, they were stealing,” said Afanasiev. 

Just a reminder: May 9, 2014, Gennady Afanasiev was detained in Simferopol on charges of participation in an organized by Oleg Sentsov terrorist organization.

December 24, 2014, Moscow City Court - at its closed session - sentenced him to seven years' imprisonment in a strict regime colony for "creation of a terrorist organization on the territory of Crimea." 

June 14, 2016, the Russian President signed a decree to pardon Gennady Afanasiev and Yuri Soloshenko. On the same day they returned to Ukraine.

Photo: Internet