A group of ‘DPR’ (Donetsk People’s Republic) terrorists being intoxicated attacked a village of Kominternovo, which is on the boundary line with the so-called "DPR", ransacked it and left, having kidnapped a local woman, reported Ministry of Internal Affairs in Donetsk region.

- Some of the attackers spread out in the forest, the other drove into the village. The terrorist have learned from a local woman addresses of people who have an active pro-Ukrainian position. One of the women has been kidnapped. Currently, she isn’t in the village, reports the press-service agency.

According to the Mariupol 0629 edition, the number of armed attackers was up to 200. About 60 of them raided the village, while the rest deployed on the adjacent territory. According to the source, the day before the raid a group of suspicious people, who probably had been looking for targets, arrived to the village. Oct. 7 Russia-backed terrorists have started looting houses, stole a car and kidnapped a resident of one of the robbed houses.

The Interior Ministry is carrying out an investigation. A criminal case into the kidnapping has been opened. The whereabouts of kidnapped woman are still unknown.