The residents of cities occupied by the militants experience the ‘delights of economic prosperity of Donbass.’ For the time being, the announcements, where the inhabitants of the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) change their things for food, can be found on websites.

Examples only: A woman, living in Donetsk, placed the advertisement: ‘Exchange good clothes of a girl, 10-11, for garments/shoes/toys/bed linen/women’s or men’s clothing/food (fruits, coffee, tea, cocoa, buckwheat, wheat, barley, condensed milk, and vegetable oil).’ Another ad: ‘Exchange a new squeezer for nappies or UAH250.’ A mother in despair offers her suede shoes in good condition in exchange for any fruits.

According to news agency, some Donetsk residents are ready to give nutria coat or good down jacket for 600 kg of nuts. It is worthy to note that some residents of the DPR are ready to change their cars for apartments or expensive watches for bicycles.