A DPR militant suspected of tortures has been identified as a 30-year old resident of the Zhytomyr region. Apart from taking part in illegal paramilitary formations, he also kidnapped and tortured police and military personnel, as well as volunteers. According to СЕГОДНЯ.ua, it took several months to collect incriminating evidence against the suspect.

A criminal case against the militant has been initiated as per Section 1 of Article 258-3 on October 28. According to the SSU (Security Service of Ukraine), the suspect is a Zhytomyr resident who served three previous prison terms for committing violent crimes. After being released on parole, the man went to the rebel-controlled territories in Donbass where he blackmailed relatives of captured soldiers by suggesting that they paid him money in exchange for their release. If they refused, the militant threatened to torture and kill illegally held Ukrainian servicemen.

An investigation into the case is currently ongoing while the suspect is being looked for.