Sergey Menyailo, ‘Governor’ of occupied Sevastopol, posted a message on his Facebook page saying that he received a thank-you letter from separatist-occupied Gorlovka.

“I got a letter from the DPR. Thank you, friends. I want you to know that Sevastopol will always remember you and wishes you the soonest liberation!” wrote Menyailo.

According to what it says in the letter, Menyailo ‘provided Chief Lieutenant O.V. Chorny with all round support in obtaining medical aid’.

The ‘thank-you letter’ itself is signed by ‘Igor Sokolov, Commander of Gorlovka 3rd Motor Rifle Brigade’.

According to, ‘Igor Borislavovych Sokolov, Commander of Gorlovka 3rd Motor Rifle Brigade’ is none other than Igor Borislavovych Sokolov, Major General of the Russian Armed Forces aka ‘Brest’.