All documents concerning investigation of shooting at Euromaidan activists was lost in Kyiv. It was announced by MP Hennadiy Moskal, who is a head of the parliamentary commission on investigation of the mass murders at Maidan.

According to him, all documentation and cartridge case repository was deleted.

Reminder, that earlier Hennadiy Moskal has stated that the Interior Ministry has confirmed the arms, possibly used for murdering the participants of mass protest actions at Maidan, has disappeared from "Berkut" home station.

Note: Ukrainians call the victims of the street violence the Heavenly Hundred, in reference to the people's self-defense "hundreds" who fought off riot police on the barricades during the Euromaidan.

The first five victims came on Jan. 22. More than 50 people were shot dead alone on Feb. 20, while the rest were killed on Feb. 18. Most of those killed were demonstrators shot by snipers working behind police lines or riot-control police, although at least 16 police officers were killed also.

Most of the violence took place near the Verkhovna Rada, on Hrushevskoho and Instytutska streets, close to the headquarters of the EuroMaidan revolution on Kyiv's Independence Square.