The plans of Ukraine's new authorities to dissolve Crimean Parliament have no legal grounds, head of Crimean Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov told journalists commenting on a draft resolution registered in Ukrainian Parliament, on calling an early election of Crimean deputies.

"There are no legal grounds now for adoption of this draft resolution. I am stating officially that the lawlessness reigning in the country's top legislature has brought people in Crimea to the streets. They are indignant at the disregard for their opinion by those who refer to themselves as new authoritieis", Konstantinov said.

He pointed out that "people are demanding resolute actions from the Crimean authorities to protect the autonomy".

On Tuesday, about 300 pro-Russian activists held rally against the actions of Ukraine's new authorities.

The demonstrators demanded that the Crimean authorities apply for help to Russia, uphold the rights of the autonomy before the central Ukrainian authorities and hold a referendum on the status of Crimea.