Russia-controlled "State Council" of Crimea agreed on dismissal of "the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers" Nicholay Yanaki and appointment to the post Yuri Gotsanyuk. This decision was taken at an extraordinary session of the "Parliament" August 22, reported the press service of the department.

Commenting on the reshuffle, "the Head" of the Crimea Sergey Aksyonov thanked Nikolay Yanaki for "honest and good 2.5 year work for the post", noting that Yanaki will remain his Adviser.

During the meeting, Aksyonov introduced the new Deputy Yuriy Gotsanyuk, who previously held the post of the Head of the Pervomaisky District Administration.

Yanaki held the position of the Crimean "Deputy Prime Minister" in March, 2014. He is known for a scandal with the Crimean businessman Oleg Zubkov, owner of the zoos "Fairy Tale" and "Taigan".

Photo: Internet