A message to this effect has been posted on a Facebook page of Mustafa Jemilev, Ukrainian President’s Adviser on Crimean Tatars’ Affairs.

According to Jemilev, he and an employee of the Department for Overseeing Enforcement of President’s Adviser’s Decisions conducted an experiment trying, unsuccessfully, to obtain the ‘deported’ status.

“So, we can consider an experiment aimed at obtaining the ‘deported’ status for individuals who were deported for reason of their nationality, finished. Unfortunately, the results were lamentable,” writes Jemilev.

Despite the challenges they encountered getting the required documents they eventually succeeded in gathering all of them. Upon expiration of the term prescribed by the law, the Social Policy Ministry did make a decision to grant the status. However, getting a certificate acknowledging the status was problematic because the required application forms were not available.

“As we were told, the application forms are not yet available. Interestingly, allocation of funds necessary for making the application forms has been authorized by the Program for Settlement of Deported Crimean Tatars or Other Nationalities’. There remains a question of why the procedure gets so complicated? After all, tt’s been already 18 months since the Law of Ukraine ‘On Reestablishment of the Rights of Individuals Deported For Reason of Nationality’ came into effect,” concludes Mustafa Jemilev.