Demchishin: To fix transmission towers we need to let police do their job first

According to Ukraine’s Energy Minister, each of the damaged transmission towers can be repaired within 72 hours, but for that to happen police should bring the area under their control.

27 November 2015 13:00

Ukraine is prepared to repair the damaged transmission towers on the Crimean border, because via them power is supplied to the southern part of the Kherson region, reports a QHA journalist at the Parliament quoting Vladimir Demchishin, Ukraine’s Energy Minister. According to Demchishyn, the Chaplynsky and Kalanchaksky districts with a combined population of 60,000 people were the hardest hit by the accident, that excluding damage done to enterprises which are of strategic importance to Ukraine.

Demchishin emphasized that unless the transmission towers are repaired, they may pose threat to people approaching them.

“It would be really important to let the repair crews access the area where the damaged transmission towers are. There are currently public activists there whose number at different times ranged from 150 to 500,” Demchishin said.

According to the Minister, two field offices have been set up to ensure that the transmission towers are repaired. The first one is responsible for providing safe access to the area, which might be rigged with mines, to police, while the second one, set up within the Kherson regional administration, is tasked with cooperating with Ukrenergo to minimize negative impact the blowing up of transmission towers might cause.

“Six Ukrenergo repair crews are currently in the area near Chaplynka and Chongar and ready to do their job. As of today, only one of the two damaged towers at route Kakhovka-Titan has been repaired. It will take 3 more hours to finish repairing the second transmission tower, but Ukrenergo repair crews are currently unable to access it,” said Demchishin.