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The Russia rouble has been ousting the Ukrainian hryvnia from Crimea, but the deadline for the hryvnia circulation has not been set yet. The population and juridical entities will be warned about the date when the hryvnia is put out of circulation beforehand, First Vice-premier of the government of the Republic of Crimea Rustam Temirgaliev said on Tuesday.

"The exchange of the hryvnia into the rouble will be easy when the deadline is announced," he assured. "A month before the hryvnia is no longer accepted at shops and put out of circulation altogether we will inform all the juridical and physical entities, all citizens of Crimea," he said.

Earlier, Russian authorities have decided that until January 1, 2016 the national currency of Ukraine - hryvnia - will be circulated in the peninsula, both in cash and non-cash payments.

Russian ruble became state currency in Crimea March 17, day after Crimean referendum on status of Crimea.