Today, the Committee of Voters of Ukraine (CVU) presented its preliminary report on elections held in Ukraine yesterday on October, 2015. 

Despite the fact that 1500 violations of the electoral legislation were registered during the election, around 70% of them were of technical or procedural nature, and could not influence the results, according to Oleksiy Koshelev, head of the CVU.

There were also registered serious violations, such as ‘carousel voting’ (the illegal activity of transporting voters to different polling stations so that they can cast their vote to their candidate multiple times) removing ballots from the polling place, as well as attempts to photograph them. However, according to the CVU, such facts were rare. 

The mass violations related to ban on campaigning took place during so-called ‘day of silence’ (the day before the election) and election day. There were campaign materials featured on billboards and city-lights.

According to head of the CVU Oleksiy Koshelev, the second round of mayoral elections in some regions will be very ‘hot’ as there is a small gap between the competitors and no obvious favorites for the second round in such cities as Uzhgorod, Dnipropetrovsk and Odesa. 

In general, the CVU praised the elections, and considers them to be democratic and valid.