KYIV (QHA) - July 18 members of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights, National Minorities and Interethnic Relations adopted a statement concerning observance of law and protection of human rights by law-enforcement. The press service of the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar nation informs.

Facts of violence against the citizens of the country by the Ministry of Interior officers and attempts of their harboring caused the adoption of the agreement.

The deputy of Verhovna Rada, chairman of the Majlis of Crimean Tatar nation Mustafa Cemil who signed the Agreement is sure work of law machinery based on soviet punishment system should be dismantled. This problem still can be settled peacefully at government’s will and people’s support. There is a great role of non-government organizations, he believes.

The Chairman of Majlis is going to take part in all the arrangements made to settle the problems of the government.

"Our society is to decide what methods should be used in settling the problem: peaceful method or method of violence. We also need to link the solution of this issue with the reorganization of corrupt prosecutors and courts, that "has consumed" the State machinery breeding strife in our society, pushing people on trumped differences in order to retain their rotten governance "- claimed Mustafa Cemil commenting the situation in the country.