Brussels (QHA) -

High-level European officials will hold a crisis meeting to consider actions to take in response to Egypt's bloody crackdown on protesters, UPI reports.

The decision to hold the Monday meeting came the same day Britain, France and Germany summoned the Egyptian ambassadors in their respective countries, and EU member Denmark said it cut off $5.3 million in annual job aid to Egypt.

"What happened yesterday was unacceptable and we are afraid the development might continue in the wrong direction," Danish Minister for Development Cooperation Christian Friis Bach told The Wall Street Journal.

Friis Bach told Danish newspaper Berlingske Denmark would end its contributions to EU funding for Egypt.

He and other officials called on the EU to immediately re-examine its aid policy to Cairo, with some calling for the 28-nation bloc to suspend Egyptian aid.

EU officials said they had no aid-change plans to announce ahead of Monday's meeting. But they said the EU position was under review.

As reported violent protests erupted Thursday in Egypt as international concern grew over a crackdown on demonstrators in which at least 600 people have been killed.