Russian President Vladimir Putin said that crisis in Ukraine, which has Russian troops on its territory at present, is not the fault of Russia.  Putin said that on March 13, before meeting with members of the Russian Security Council, reports press service of Kremlin.

“We cannot ignore all the events that are happening in Ukraine, Crimea and all that has to do with this difficult problem that arose, I want to stress, not by our fault.  This crisis arouse, and we are all involved in it in one way or another.   I want to note that this crisis is primarily the domestic crisis in Ukraine,” said Putin.

“Let’s think together on how we can build relations with our partners and friends in Ukraine and other partners in Europe and the United States,” added Putin.

To recall, on March 1, Russian Federation Council unanimously adopted a proposal by President Putin on the entry of Russian troops to Ukraine.

From February 27, Russian soldiers in Crimea block Ukrainian military units, border posts, and exert moral and physical pressure on Ukrainian border guards and soldiers.  

According to Ukrainian Internal Affairs Ministry, by March 10, there are 18,780 of Russian militants in Crimea.