(QHA) -

Economical crisis in Russia is not a recompense for Crimea’s unification with Russia, but the West’s desire to “suppress” Russia’s sovereignty.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin announced this during an online conference in Moscow, adding that Russia faces “problems, opposition and struggle” against any of its actions.

Putin went on arguing about Russia’s symbol—a bear.

“Sometimes I wonder: what if our Russian bear sits still, without running after little pigs in Taiga, but eating berries and honey? Maybe the bear will be left alone? No, he won’t be left alone. One will always try to chain him, and then will tear out its teeth and claws. After the teeth and claws are torn out, they will make a stuffed animal of him”- he said.

“Crimea is not the matter. The matter is that we are protecting our independence and sovereignty”- Putin added.