The Crimean Tatars won’t leave the peninsula. Mustafa Jemilev said this to TSN yesterday, according to official web site of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people.

Ex-Chairman of Mejlis assured that there is no such trend. He added that the Crimean Tatars have not been fighting during 50 years for the return to their homeland to run away now.

Jemilev also expressed his opinion concerning the new passports. In case Russia forcibly distributes them, the Crimean Tatars will take those passports to live with them in Crimea. But this could split the community.

“Russian pensions are twice as big compared to Ukrainian ones. It is easy to play on such matters… People who barely make ends meet can’t help taking advantage of this possibility. It could split the Crimean Tatar people,”- Jemilev noted.

To recall, Mustafa Jemilev informed that he doesn’t have information concerning the ban from his visiting Crimea, but he prepares “a surprise” for the illegitimate authorities.