(QHA) -

Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Jemilev has commented the conference “On Crimean Tatar situation at the present stage”, that was held September 6 in Simferopol, ahead of Crimean Parliament elections scheduled for September 14.

Jemilev criticized calls on Crimean Tatars to take part in Parliament elections, and stressed that Crimean Tatars would follow the Mejlis's decision to boycott the elections.

“Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people has carefully studied the situation and made a decision on taking or not taking part in the elections. Political body of Crimean Tatars [Mejlis] took into consideration all the points: what is in the interests of our people and what is not. It would be right if Crimean Tatars followed this decision (decision of Mejlis to boycott the elections,-ed.). If everyone thinks and does in his own way, it will be impossible to reach anything”- he said.

“It is a pity that some of Crimean Tatars chose this way, God will judge them. I don’t know how they will look each other in the face. Still, I think the majority of our people will follow the decision of Mejlis”- Jemilev said.

“Those, who have some perspectives [in power] say it is in the interests of people. No one says I have sold myself, I want a warm place, that is why I am in power. All of them shelter themselves behind people”- he added.

Crimean Parliament elections will be held September 14.