(QHA) -

Crimean Tatars living in Crimea will be able to take part in presidential elections on border area between the peninsula and mainland Ukraine. Special columns will be organized to get people to polling station.

Mejlis member Eskender Bariev told this to QHA.

“According to the law on the occupied territories and the law on presidential elections, Ukrainian citizens residing in Crimea can vote in the border area only”- he said.

“The majority of Crimean Tatars are Ukrainian citizens and presidential elections in an important political process in which we are to participate” – he added.

Still, according to Mr. Bariev, Crimean authorities may hinder the process.

“It is not in the interests of the Russian Federation that tens and hundreds of thousands of people come and vote for the president, thus proving that people in Crimea want to live in Ukraine, in an independent country, want to keep their citizenship”- he said. But if Russia is democratic state it won’t ban us to vote. We are citizens of Ukraine and we have this right”- he added.

Bariev also emphasized,there are fears that there will not be enough polling stations, it is needed to provide additional stations.

“It is necessary to put the question before the Central Election Commission of Ukraine that tens of thousands of voters may come from Crimea, and if there are so many voters, several polling stations will not be enough. There should be hundreds of stations that will provide it”- Bariev said.