Crimean Tatars keep the Crimean peninsula within the state of Ukraine, amid pro-Russian organizations’ ideas of Crimea’s separation from Ukraine. This was said by ex-deputy head of Ukrainian Interior ministry, Ukrainian MP Gennady Moskal, according to

He criticized the idea of Crimean Parliament to amend constitution of Crimea and conduct an all-Crimean poll on the status of Crimea, along with asking Russia for support and protection.  Moscal called such initiatives a criminal offence, which should be checked by Ukraine’s Security Service. 

“Crimea is an integral part of Ukraine, why ask to protect it?  What does our Security Service think about it?  Such statements fall under article 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine- infringement of the Ukraine’s territorial integrity,” – said the deputy.

According to Moscal, the Crimean Parliament is not as independent as it may seem and is ruled by President’s administration.

 “Crimean Tatars are the retaining factor in Crimea.  I do not take seriously the statements of pro-Russian politicians. They won’t do anything” – he said.

As we earlier reported, Crimean Parliament suggested to make amendments to the Constitution of Crimea and the Constitution of Ukraine and conduct an all-Crimean poll on the status of Crimea.

MP of Crimea, Sergey Tsekov also initiated an appeal to the Russian Federation for support, assistance and protection. “Crimea is a Russian autonomy, Russian by nationality, language, culture… Our guarantor and protector is the Russian Federation only,” – said Tsekov.