Today the lawyer Emile Kurbedinov posted on his Facebook page several reports related to the facts of the authorities’ activity in the area of the city of Alupka and the village of Kamenka, located near Simferopol.

“Three search. Kamenka. Epicenter and Hoshkeldy areas. Video of a search in Kamenka. Searches in Alupka. No details yet. Timur Osmanov was taken to Dekabristov Street (Center for Counteraction to Extremism – Ed.) Kurbedinov reports.

Based on the geography of searches and the number of reports, the "Crimean authorities” are increasing the pressure on the Crimean Tatars using the whole arsenal of repressive tools.

Such an attitude to the citizens whose homes are subjected to searches, and who are taken for "confidential talks" should not be overlooked by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, President Petro Poroshenko, as well as Ukrainian and international organizations defending human rights.

Just a reminder: On the morning of May 25, a member of the World Congress of Crimean Tatars Executive Committee Ervin Ibragimov did not show up for a meeting with his friends to go to the court in the town of Sudak. Ibragimov’s car was found near the entrance of his house.

In connection with the abduction of Ervin Ibragimov, the World Congress of Crimean Tatars issued a statement, stressing that Russia is to blame for this incident.

It was reported earlier that eight Muslims have been kept in custody on charges of involvement in Hizb ut-Tahrir organization at Simferopol pre-trial detention center since 2014.

February 11, 2016, searches and arrests took place in homes of 12 Crimean residents.

In March, 2016, a three-hour search was conducted in the house of a Qurultai Delegate Remzi Muratov located in the village of Dmytrivka, Dzhankoy district of Crimea.

OMON officers (Russian special forces) searched the house of another Qurultai Delegate Shevket Usmanov located in the village of Vesele, Sudak district. On that day, Usmanov was in Kyiv and the only once at home were his sons and wife Ilmira.

On May 6, Russian FSB Security Forces stormed a mosque in the village of Molodizhne, Simferopol district, detaining about a hundred worshippers performing the Juma prayer. On the way to the intended destination, the Russian Security Forces have released all of the detained Muslims, instructing them to show up at the police station later on.

The leader of the Crimean Tatars and Commissioner of the Ukrainian President for Crimean Tatars Affairs Mustafa Dzhemilev believes that by threats and violence, the Russian authorities are trying to persuade the Muslims of the annexed Crimea to cooperate.

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