The activists, including those who came all the way from Chongar, blocked an arched passageway thus preventing vehicles from accessing the backyard where Yevgeniy Balitsky’s office is located. They demand that Balitsky publicly apologize for insulting a Crimean Tatar people, saying they gave their votes for Balitsky but grew disillusioned with him:

“Money corrupts people but money is not everything. If not him, then his children and grandchildren will have to be made responsible for this. He promised he would provide us with a land plot so we could build a mosque, which is why we voted for him. But now we are all disappointed in him. We are here to make him publicly apologize on all Ukrainian TV channels and also prevent the newly-elected local parliament from meeting. Because laws are being passed there today which we will all be living by, so every vote counts. For some reason, Balitsky is not at the Parliament now. Instead, he is here and rummaging through the lawmakers’ trash cans. I was really outraged when I heard him say that neo-fascists and remaining Crimean Tatars had blocked Chongar. He is an MP, isn’t he? How can he say things like that?” said Ridvan Ibraimov, Chairman of the Azat, a Crimean Tatar society.

Miniver Idrisova, an honorary citizen of Melitopol, is extremely disappointed by the fact that Balitsky, a former Air Force officer, said such things about Crimean Tatars, some of whom fought for liberation of Melitopol during WWII.