Simferopol City Council did not approve conducting of Crimean Tatar Flag Day in Simferopol city center (Trenyov Park).

On June 11, Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people appealed to Simferopol City Council to hold June 26 mass events dedicated to Crimean Tatar Flag Day in Simferopol city center, Trenyov Park.

City Council responded to the appeal, saying:

"There are playgrounds for kids functioning in Trenyov Park during the summer holidays. There are also lessons, competitions and exhibitions conducted on the territory of the Park.

The crowd in a limited area of the park can create conditions for violation of public order, the rights and legitimate interests of other citizens.

Taking into account this fact, executive committee of Simferopol City Council does not approve conducting of the event in Trenyov Park and proposes to conduct it in Salgir Park.”

To recall, Crimean authorities have also banned May 18 mourning meeting commemorating victims of Crimean deportation of 1944.

Note: Crimean Tatar Flag Day was initiated in 2009 by youth NGO Yashlar Shurasi. The symbol of the event is biggest Crimean Tatar flag (21 meters long), that was presented by head of Crimean Tatar Association in Bursa (Turkey) Adnan Suyen.